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Why Buy From Embodycon

Think about the frustrations we have with shopping as mums;

  • Our bodies aren’t quite the same anymore so it can be difficult to find the right style or suit your lifestyle
  • Unless you are a major sucker for punishment shopping for clothes with children in tow is akin to torture
  • Most online models are at least 10 years younger and ten kilos (or more!) lighter
  • Deciphering through all the ever changing trends and what is going to work for you is overwhelming - and we have enough on our plates.  
  • We have a full wardrobe of clothes that don't fit or work together

      In comes The Mumway!

      Mum Approved Criteria

      Below is the checklist we used to make sure our items made the cut and solve problems we didn't know we had before kids;

      • Style  - Looking at different styles to work for different bodies. We have to find the styles to suit us, make us feel comfortable because that leads to confidence.  
      • Sizing - to include a range of sizing that is inclusive and true to size
      • Comfort - Higher waists and longer dresses so nothing can stand in your way! Is it bend-over proof?
      • Stretch - So important when moving around so much and chasing children
      • Coverage - Providing a little more coverage to cover belly’s, arms or knees without looking frumpy
      • Versatility - wear with multiple items or for different occasions
      • Affordability - Ensuring items are affordable which allows you to value yourself
      • Quality - Very important if we want items to last for years and not just seasons
      • Materials - Easy to care for and easy to wear
      • Bonus features - Tops with easy access for breastfeeding, pockets, waistbands etc

      Find out more about the criteria in our blog post here.

      We are on the permanent hunt for clothing that fits the above for you.  Sometimes we can find items that hit some targets and not others. We promise that we will keep hunting!

      We wanted to create something that just cut through all of this for mums across Australia.  We choose to keep the collections small too because we believe in Quality over Quantity

      We want you to feel your best and wearing your best asset - a smile

      We also want to show you real mums behind the clothes.  We'll get up close and personal with each item to let you know why we chose it and why we think it's perfect for you.

      We've also broken down the collection into 'Styles' so you can search for the best pieces depending on the style you're after.

      Make sure you follow us on our  Facebook or  Instagram pages to stay up to date or for occasional attempts at humour. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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