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Aside from Bamboo being one of the world fastest growing plants and making it a sustainable resource the benefits below make it a stand out product that feels amazing and provides solutions:

Luxuriously soft - as it is one of the worlds softest fabrics

Highly durable - stronger than cotton

Breathable - natural fibres ensure comfort 

Temperate regulating - keeps you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter

Kinder to skin - as it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

Wicks away moisture - from the skin to reduce odours

Our blend also includes spandex which makes it easier to wear and more comfortable. 

To make it easier to order we have created a Size Guide that will help you find the right dress for your body. It is difficult to create 'standard sizes' as we all don't come in 'standard sizes'. Every woman is different. Let's celebrate your shape!

Use the size widget to help make a recommendation for you within the product page. The fit will vary based on your preferences - depending on how tight you would like to wear your dress. 

Remember, the fabric is a stretch bamboo knit - it has a lot of room to move and mould to your body.  The dress should feel firm and comforting.  Most recommendations have been to go a size down if you are in-between sizes and that is working for women. 

Please feel free to contact us too if you would like more help deciding.


Depends!  Some feedback has been that's its easy to put on and others have found it harder.  This will depend on your shoulder width.  It is no more difficult than putting activewear on.  The concealed zipper makes it easier and you can also try stepping into the dress.  It's not impossible but you made need to wriggle in!  It's worth the effort!

If you are really concerned about getting into it - stand by for our skirt and tank dress which will be even easier to put on. 

Yes!  As we are planning more sizes in 2021 as we grow!

Check out the size widget on the product page.  Simply put your measurements in and it will give you a recommendation.  

If you are in-between sizes - go to the lower size. 

Or you can get in touch and we'll try to help as much as we can.

Hell yes!  We have a long line plan for lots of styles and will bring these out as we grow.   You can be part of the design process with us. Click HERE and fill in our design survey for your 2 cents!

The Embodycon is the perfect staple wardrobe piece that is the base for all occasions. You can dress it up or down. 

The Bamboo Shaping Dress that has an integrated lining to help create a cleaner, more flattering line of a woman's shape - no matter what that shape is.

1.  Lining helps to create cleaner more flattering lines of a woman’s shape.

2.  Multiple benefits of using Bamboo.

3.  Lining is also breathable for maximum comfort.

4.  Not shapewear - so it isn’t restrictive and uncomfortable. And because it's integrated it won't budge like shapewear does.

But the real magic is how it makes you feel!  Check out some of the reviews .  [I cry a little everytime one comes in!]

Can understand that. We have a couple things to consider.  We offer Afterpay so you can make 4 day payments over time.  But it's also important to think about this dress as an investment piece and the CPW - Cost Per Wear.  If you can wear this dress at least once a week for the next year how much value can you get out of it? The real value is in it's versatility and being able to dress it up or down. 

Bamboo fabric is more premium and the benefits of the fabric also add to the value.  

Finally, the Embodycon is not a trend based dress.  This means you will have years of wear out of it - not just a season. 

(And if you sign up to our newsletter you can get a sneaky 10% discount!)

It feels like a dream!  Firstly the Bamboo material is so incredibly soft and silky.  The dress feels like and comforting - just like good activewear.  Most feedback from women is that they like the firmness of the dress.

You'll be smokin' love! Ha!

However, no you won't feel hot and sticky in this dress. Why?  Because Bamboo is thermo regulating and breathable.  Also even though there is a lot of material the lining is also breathable as it's the same stuff they use in activewear and swimwear.  Again most feedback has been that women are surprised that it doesn't feel 'hot' like some other bodycon dresses made from unnatural materials.  

CONGRATULATIONS!  Happy days ahead.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for a growing belly!  As the cut is quite straight it doesn’t leave much room for the belly.  It will be better for post baby.  The compression would make it very uncomfortable for a growing belly.   Come back to us once baby is here!

ALL. THE. WAYS!   You can take it from day to night, from picnics to the office.  Check out our Blog for more styling inspiration. 

Woohoo!  We love that you love it!  If you share the love of your dress with a friend you can both get $15 off your purchases.  How good is that!  CLICK HERE for more!

When we were designing we knew this would be something that could be perceived as an issue.
1. The extra length works for the taller ladies or the ones who like the length [always a personal preference]⁠⠀
2. The extra material at the end is easy to take up and won't interfere with the lining.⁠⠀
So the people pleaser in me wants to help [until we are big enough and can produce a Short and Tall range of dresses] here is what we will offer:⁠⠀
If you have your dress taken up, email the receipt and i'll credit your account with $15 off your next purchase. How amazing is that! ⁠⠀

There are a couple of benefits of shopping with us today:

1. Free Shipping

2. Afterpay

3. Money back guarantee

But the main reason is YOU.  This is about owning your shape and feeling amazing about yourself.  You have nothing to loose and confidence to gain.  

We are currently not offering international orders due to limitations with transport.  Please contact us if you have more questions