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The Bamboo Shaping Dress that smooths your shape so you can embody confidence

Our mission at Embodycon is to empower women to make conscious confidence choices in their style.   We want women to embrace their shapes, no matter what that shape is, and move away from the constant need to update their wardrobes based on seasonal trends.  We want to have an open conversation about confidence and what that means to you.  

Innovative and solution based design using sustainable, luxurious Bamboo fabric and lining for contouring and control. An all-in-one timeless Bodycon dress that works harder for your wardrobe that allows you to wear it your way.   

Evolving the Bodycon.  Because we don't have time for fast fashion. 

About Dee

Embodycon is owned and operated by a passionate Mum of 2 located in Camden, NSW. 

Dee is passionate about coffee, motherhood and the empowerment of women.  Embodycon was born after much frustration around size, fit, comfort and practicality in women's clothing.  And most importantly realising how women de-valued themselves that they just gave up on their identity.  She wanted to create something for all women that would provide a solution to their the wardrobes and their confidence.   

Not so interesting facts about Dee
1. I'm 10kgs heavier then before I had kids and I am ok with that. I like my big butt and I cannot lie
2. My favourite colours are black, white, grey and leopard print
3. I'd categorise my style as minimalistic
4. I eat Nutella with a spoon straight out of the jar
5. I used to produce amazing Events and now it takes me 45 mins just to get out the house 
6. I swear. A lot.  I'm working on it
7. I have an irrational fear of fish. Can eat them just can't swim with them
8. I just hate sarcasm (please note sarcasm)
9. My favourite activity with the kids is Gymbaroo
10. Mexico is my favourite country that I have visited - before kids!