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Its what's on the inside that counts

The Bamboo Shaping Bodycon that smooths your shape so you can embody confidence. Innovative and solution based design using sustainable, luxurious Bamboo fabric.

An all-in-one timeless Bodycon dress that works harder for you. The perfect staple wardrobe piece that is the base for all occasions - dress it up or down. 

The Bamboo Shaping Dress that has an integrated lining to help create a cleaner, more flattering line of a woman's shape - no matter what that shape is.

1.  Lining helps to create cleaner more flattering lines of a woman’s shape.

2.  Multiple benefits of using Bamboo.

3.  Lining is also breathable for maximum comfort.

4.  Not shapewear - so it isn’t restrictive and uncomfortable. And because it's integrated it won't budge like shapewear does.

Evolving the Bodycon. The new way to Embody Confidence.

7 reasons why you need this dress

1.  This is the dress that works harder for you. It will become the most versatile dress in your wardrobe - dress it up or down.  You will be able to take this dress from work to dinner, shopping to functions.  

2.  The material feels luxurious and premium as Bamboo is one of the softest, yet toughest fabrics in the world. It feels incredibly soft and gentle against your skin.

3.  Bamboo is a sustainable material resource with lots of benefits. Too many to list here so see below!

4. The lining is designed for comfort and is breathable - unlike traditional shapewear which can become uncomfortable and sweaty.  

5. Internal construction holds your form and smooths your shape without feeling restrictive. In fact, it's quite comforting.  Like the feeling of good activewear that holds you in.

6. Quality over quantity in reducing the need for on trend pieces each year.  This dress will become the basis of so many outfits and styles for all your lifestyle needs. No need to replace your wardrobe every season.  

7. You deserve to feel confident and amazing by enhancing and celebrating your shape.  Stop hiding behind clothes.  Stand up tall and embrace your shape.  Confidence will become your favourite accessory.  


When looking for the right fabric for our new range, Bamboo was a clear winner for many reasons.  Aside from Bamboo being one of the world fastest growing plants and making it a sustainable resource the benefits below make it a stand out product that feels amazing and provides solutions:

Luxuriously soft - as it is one of the worlds softest fabrics

Highly durable - stronger than cotton

Breathable - natural fibres ensure comfort 

Temperature regulating - keeps you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter

Kinder to skin - as it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

Wicks away moisture - from the skin to reduce odours

Our blend also includes spandex which makes it easier to wear and more comfortable.