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Wear your confidence

Looking after your skin is a personal affair but knowledge is power when it comes to sorting through all of the information.  It's important to take a break from looking after everyone else for a minute and treat yourself to great skincare. A couple of minutes a day can really help you to feel real and human again. Top tips for having great skin for maximum confidence. Four simple steps   

Get used to it...

While there is science behind different products, we all know there is no overnight fix! We have outlined our top easy rituals, as a reminder for us all.

1/ Cleansing Twice a day and we recommend morning and night to remove build up of impurities, grime and oil as the first and crucial step. The role of a cleanser is to gently clean and prepare the surface of your skin for the goodness to follow.

2/ Toning  This step is about balancing and restoring the acid mantle after cleansing. If you use fluffed out cotton wipe, it can also remove any further residue that may remain on the surface of your skin. Toners should be hydrating and not overly astringent, alcohol based and drying. Although still considered optional in some circles, their functionality is to assist with the delivery of additional nutrients and support the absorption of nourishing products layered on top. Toners should be thought of as a nutrient boost for your complexion. Look for formulas that contain soothing, calming ingredients and plant-based hydrosols like rose, chamomile, jasmine, witch hazel (if oily and congested), green tea, antioxidants and vitamins. Apply by spritzing onto the face or pour a few drops into the palm of your hands, gently rub your hands together and pat onto your face.

3/ Serums Look for formulations that assist with strengthening the barrier function of the skin and contain reparative and skin rejuvenating ingredients like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides, Vitamins A, C, and E. 

4/ Facial Oils Face oils should contain essential fatty acids. Benefits include hydration and balancing, brightening and evening out the complexion and calming redness and irritation. Avoid strong essential oil synergies on your face. Oils can be incorporated by layering before or after you apply a serum and prior to applying a moisturiser. You can also use them on their own.

5/ Nourish As we age our skin loses its ability to retain moisture and our natural oil production slows down. The addition of plant-based oils containing essential fatty acids is paramount for protection and to ward of the impact of ageing. The suitability and texture of a moisturiser is dependent on your skin type.   

6/ Eye Serums and Gels These are specifically designed to target specific concerns like wrinkles, crow’s feet dark circles and puffiness. The skin in the eye area is different to the rest of your face and is very fine and delicate so ingredients need to be gentle yet effective.

7/ Masques These are booster or treatment products that have concentrated ingredients designed to address specific concerns. They should be used in moderation, 1-2 applications a week. Clay and mud based masks absorb oil and mildly exfoliate. You can also use to target areas. Apply masks after cleansing, toning and applying a serum and moisturise after removing. 

What's your favourite brand of skincare? I adore O Cosmedics, and its Australian owned by a Mum!  What is your routine that makes you feel confident?