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Our Resident Stylist Kimberley Sara has carefully put together some amazing looks to give you some styling inspiration on how could you could wear the Bamboo Shaping Bodycon.  We'd love to see how you would style yours!  

Simple additions to the Embodycon change the entire look and feel. Let's take it to work.


Glass ceilings don't stand a chance with this styling and confidence that comes with it.  Walk into that boardroom and show them who is really the boss.   Timeless strength in style will never go out of fashion.  


Make after work networking work harder for you.  Add a little glam and a soft trench to take your Embodycon from boardroom to cocktail bar in one full swoop.  So easy to glam it up when the stars come out.



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About Kimberley Sara

Kimberley Sara is a Canberra based personal stylist, fashion blogger and mum of two boys. 

To find out more about Kimberley Sara check out her website and Instagram for style inspiration: