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Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with a bunch of amazing Australian brands (most of which are built by women!) to showcase just how versatile the Embodycon Dress really is.   How amazing have these style boards turned out?!

I feel now more than ever [basically I'm trying to say 'at my age!'] that style over trends is a more sustainable way forward.  And I don't mean in the 'eco' sense.  Trying to work out what all the trends are each year exhausting - and I like having those solid pieces I go back to all the time!

The most important thing about this dress is how it is going to work for you and your style.  What are some key characteristics you associate with your own style?


Bling and Sparkle?


Clean lines?  

All the good stylists agree that a good wardrobe has amazing foundational pieces that you can build on.  

Which one do you love?  More style boards coming soon!

 bodycon style red shoes


 bodycon dress grey with leopard

 bodycon blue dress kimono green

 black bodycon gold accents

 Grey bodycon sport vibes

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