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Our Resident Stylist Kimberley Sara has carefully put together some amazing looks to give you some styling inspiration on how could you could wear the Bamboo Shaping Bodycon.  We'd love to see how you would style yours!  

Remember the best accessory is CONFIDENCE!

Stay tuned for more styling inspiration.

Dreamy Summer Vacay

Think of warm spring afternoons in Paris with understated tones and accessories to own the sidewalks of centuries old streets.  A cute little tie top with nude and gold tones softens the strong black Embodycon.  

Urban Edge

Taking a harder edge on the city streets owning the heavier accessories and making a bold statement.  You know who you are.  Strong, fierce and in control.

Feminine Glamour 

There are always secrets to be told with a trench.  Softening the edges in nude tones this understated look is a bold statement for Feminine Glamour.  

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About Kimberley Sara

Kimberley Sara is a Canberra based personal stylist, fashion blogger and mum of two boys. 

To find out more about Kimberley Sara check out her website and Instagram for style inspiration: