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What am I holding onto?

So I did something cathartic this past weekend. I handed the kids over to the husband, took myself into my bedroom and had a hard word with myself. Then I got undressed and a bit sweaty.  sell donate recycle old clothes

But wait! It's not what you think! 

I took a long hard look at myself and asked a few questions.

"Does this still fit?"

"Do I really need this seeing as I don't attend corporate meetings anymore?"

"Where do I go that I even need to wear this?"

"How did I move in this?"

"What am I holding on to?"

Time to get real with myself

I like to keep it real with most people but I fear I was in denial to myself.  So I decided to try everything on and if it didn't get a positive response I Marie Kondo'd it's arse. 

After all the sweating of trying to get into all the things I had held onto I felt lighter (not physically though!).  Spiritually.  I realised I was holding on because of these reasons:

  • Had paid good money for it once upon a time and couldn't bare the thought of giving it up
  • Used to wear it a lot so I figured I would again one day
  • Part of me wanted to be able to say 'I am wearing my pre-baby clothes! I still gots it!'
  • Felt like I was letting go of a life that no longer exists

And, how did that make me feel?

To be honest, I wasn't even sad. I felt great. At peace.  It was time to let go of all the crazy colour, trendy patterns, white, rigid fabric, too tight everything that just didn't work for me anymore!

I know my life has changed so much since having kids. Some things for the better. Some things not so much.  For me the key thing is being grateful, living in the moment and looking forward to the future with my mum tum jeans, flat boobs and thighs that rub together and chafe when I wear skirts.  

So, what do I do now with all of this now. We have to break up.  It was holding me back.  So here is a couple of options I suggest: SELL, DONATE and RECYCLE your OLD CLOTHES

Sell, Donate and Recycle old clothes

1/ SELL IT - Facebook marketplace, local buy/sell groups, markets and garage sales.  Even if you just get a couple of bucks at least it will go to a nice home where it will be appreciated and worn well.  We have a great event in Camden called the In Her Shoes Market where you can sell your pre-loved clothing! They move around and head to Wollongong too. Take a look through your local Facebook groups for events like these in your area. 

2/ DONATE IT - This is easy, right?! With all the charity bins around your local area it's easy to dump and run.  I suggest doing a bit more research and seeing if there are any charities in your local area that might be able to get your pre-loved clothes to women really in need.  Dressed for Success is an excellent organisation that helps empower women to get back into the workforce - this is an excellent option for ex-corporate mums who are not planning on going back or have items that simply don't fit. They have affiliates in every state so be sure to check them out.  Another Camden local is Mother Hubbards Cupboard who extend their philanthropic activities past the store front and support a lot of local charities.  Do you have one similar in your town?  BUT, don't go dumping the shitty, worn out clothes to these guys otherwise their hard earned efforts go down the drain when they have to pay to dump clothing.

3/ RECYCLE IT - This is a tough one actually.  In Australia we don't have the fabric recycling facilities we should so a lot goes to landfill - especially with 'fast fashion' and 'cheap' stuff that only lasts one season. A statistic came out last year that suggests 'Every ten minutes 6 tonnes of fabric goes to landfill'. THAT IS CRAZY. Check with your local council to see what they have available.  Check out Planet Ark - it is a great resource in locating recycling services for unsaleable fabric.  Hint - H&M and Zara are now offering a discount for your rags!

So I have my bag of rags for H&M ready to go.  I'll be selling my wares at In Her Shoes Markets and whatever I don't sell I will fold up nicely and leave with the lovely ladies at Mother Hubbards Cupboard.  

And then I will be free!  Now, what are you holding onto?