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We don't have time for fast fashion

Say what?! But isn’t fast fashion meant to be - fast?  Sure, but do we really have time to work out what is trending every season, go shopping for it and then try to make it work with the rest of our wardrobe? Who has time to be putting together so many outfits each day - it is exhausting! 

This isn't just another online fashion e-store.  We are carefully creating beautiful, quality pieces that will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. A little stretchy, a little longer, a bit more coverage and a whole lot more  CONFIDENCE.  

Embodycon was born with busy mums in mind who don't have time to overthink their outfits because they have 1000 other tasks and want the confidence to look and feel great.  These are the staple pieces that last the years and not just the season.

Think about the frustrations we have with shopping as mums;

  • Our bodies aren’t quite the same anymore so it can be difficult to find the right style or suit your lifestyle
  • Unless you are a major sucker for punishment shopping for clothes with children in tow is akin to torture
  • Most online models are at least 10 years younger and ten kilos (or more!) lighter
  • Deciphering through all the ever changing trends and what is going to work for you is overwhelming - and we have enough on our plates.  

Mum Approved Criteria

Below is the checklist we used to make sure our items made the cut and would work for mums;

  • Sizing - to include a range of sizing that is inclusive and true to size.

  • Comfort - Higher waists and longer dresses because you bend over so much. So nothing can stand in your way!

  • Stretch - So important when moving around so much and chasing children

  • Coverage - Providing a little more coverage to cover belly’s, arms or knees 

  • Versatility - wear with multiple items or for different occasions

  • Quality - Very important if we want items to last for years and not just seasons

  • Materials - Easy to care for and easy to wear

We are in the process of developing more products.  More staples to get you through the years and not just the seasons. Because mums don't have time for fast fashion!