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We become very good at multi-tasking, juggling 8 flaming balls in the air and looking for every ‘hack’, ‘cheat’ and ‘shortcut’ to this thing called life. So if we are doing this for our workplace, kids, husbands and households why aren’t we doing it for our wardrobes?

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Has your wardrobe become a never ending jumble of new super cheap pieces that still have the tags on, old staples that have holes in them, clothes from a previous body that you can’t seem to let go of and a bunch of random pieces that you just don’t know how to put together?

It’s time to Marie Kondo that sh!t. We don’t have time for that sh!t. You need to walk up to your wardrobe each day and say ‘I’ll take this with that, French tuck it, chuck a belt on and own my look today’! We need to look good and feel good unapologetically and get there the quickest way because we have sh!t to do.

Work smarter, not harder

I’m not going to tell you how to de-clutter because quite frankly it is an emotional experience and you can simply try the one thousand methods out there that are going to work for you. Here is a blog I wrote about my experience - I would love to hear from you and what you did to de-clutter.

Essentially what you need to get to for yourself is:

  • Clear out the clutter - this will make you feel spiritually lighter and help with decision making. Remember to Sell, Donate and Recycle!
  • Pack away clothes you don’t need for the season - move your Winter items away in the Summer. Again, limiting your options on a daily basis will remove the overwhelm in the mornings
  • Organise by sections - organise by Work, Play, Social, Everyday etc. Let it reflect your lifestyle and easy access so you can make quick decisions.
  • Take some time - to think about what pieces work together and how you can mix and match.  Take photos or Polaroids of items together and stick them to the wall. Use post it notes and group items together.  Give yourself a fashion show. Try things on and see how you feel in an outfit. If it's comfortable and you feel good it's a winner.  Might be fun to do win a friend and a glass of wine or over a 'playdate'!
  • Get to know your options - Sometimes we have to dress for how we feel.  It's important to know why you have those items too - 'I like this skirt on days I'm bloated because it's comfy and it still looks good', 'I love those jeans when I'm feeling energetic and great about my body', 'I just need a dress to get me through this family event'.  This will also help when you are choosing an outfit and reduce the stress - which then could lead to throwing any old thing on and not feeling your best.  
  • When buying new items - think about longevity and how those pieces will work with other items in your wardrobe.  Will this shirt go with that skirt you've have for the last 3 years that you love?

If we can do this for our kitchen pantries we can do it for ourselves!

If you really love a trend then go for it - you’ll have the best base to rock the trend. There are great ways to harness trends without buying a whole new wardrobe each season;

  • Invest in one key piece that you can wear to multiple occasions - like a dress that you can dress down with a t-shirt under it or dressed up with a leather jacket.
  • Accessories - belts, bags, costume jewelry and scarves are all ways to layer an outfit and hit the trends and without breaking the bank every year.